Able’s first blog!

December means that there is not much gardening to write about and our last crops are already spoken for so… right now, beyond the standard winter’s planning/dreaming, Megan, Dan, and I are just caring for our chickens and ducks.  It’s hard to believe that these baby chicks all grown up now and so far from being like the sweet young broilers they were a few months ago.

Megan and I are really excited to be getting our dream of Able Farm  fully off the ground in 2012, selling weekly to a few restaurants, and at Markets.  We’re finally able to make this happen thanks to our great community, our understanding managers at our “real jobs,” and especially thanks to some micro-grants from Moonifest, as well as our ever knowledgeable and faithful mentor/business partner  Dan Cadmus.  We’ll try to keep our blog updated about all of the work that we’re doing and available products at our urban lot and out on Sauvie Island.  Will  hope to be at the St. John’s Farmers Market and possible others in the summer.

Thanks so much for your interest in Able Farms.  Let us know if you have any questions, product orders, or encouragement!



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