Our poultry/eggs

We raise Moyer cockels/broilers aka K-22’s. The are bred specifically for free-range conditions. The are pasture raised and under organic conditions. Our chickens and Khaki Campbell and Rhoen ducks are fed Scratch n’ Peck feed,which is an organic and non-GMO feed. They receive  fresh grass and water everyday out on Sauvie Island in our awesome chicken tractors that were fabricated in Linnton, OR. Come slaughter time we send our birds to Harrington Poultry out in Boring, OR where Scott and his crew do an amazing job. Harrington Poultry is an Oregon Department of Agriculture certified facility with lots of old fashioned charm.Our egg producers are our Moyer Egg layers(aka the ladies), our Golden  Layer 300 Ducks, and our Buff Orpingtons. They are pasture raised and Scratch n’ Peck fed as well.

Our visit to the Scratch n’ Peck Mill in Bellingham, WA, where the owner Diana gave us an amazing tour.

Our birds in the tractors…pecking away.


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