Megan and I used some of our Moonifest microgrant money to build this greenhouse.  It is essentially a giant hoophouse, made out of 20 foot PVC pipes and thick gardening plastic.  We modified the instructions found on this website.  Even though the brightly colored duck tape does add a bit of flair to the structure, it is really there to reinforce the plastic and hopefully to keep moisture from building under the folds.  There is the big door in front for us and the plants to move in and out of, and a small roll-up door in the back to create a cross-draft if when it gets warm again.

This part of our yard is ideal for the greenhouse because of it’s great sun exposure.  This is the only part of our lot that we haven’t been able to put plants in the ground because contractors filled it in with rocky fill dirt before we bought the house.  It’s bad for digging, but is a great solid foundation for getting our seeds started in the greenhouse.

Now all we have to do is anxiously wait for a few more weeks to pass so that we can start some seeds!